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 MMMA  MCL 333.26421

The American Medicinal Marijuana Association is enthusiastically dedicated to providing a complete Learning Center for Educational Research and Development, Information and Understanding of the Historic {MMMA} Michigan medicinal  Marihuana Act, signed into Michigan Law December 4, 2008. You need to know all the Facts. We want Members to be Safe and Legal, and Not Sorry.

After a medicinal Qualifying Evaluation, we provide our Esteemed Members with the appropriate Doctor Referral, predicated upon your particular medicinal Condition for a State Board Certified Doctor's Certification to the State of Michigan, medicinal Marihuana Program {MMMP} through the Office of The Michigan Department of Community Health {MDCH}, for proper medicinal Certification, Registry processing and Patient Licensing. 


When our Members become Licensed MMMP Patients and require a Caregiver, we assist our Members in selecting a carefully screened, educated, experienced and Licensed Caregiver who have demonstrated Professional, Sensitive and Compassionate Qualities, suitable to assist our valued Licensed Patient Members in the procurement, growth, cultivation, processing and distribution of your own special Medicinal Strains from a large variety of the Cannabis Membrane Family, to help in your particular illness or disease Therapy. 

20 Days after Eligible and Legal submission of your MMMP Doctor's Certification to the MDCH, you can begin medicinal Marihuana Treatment through your Registered Licensed Caregiver. Through our selective compassionate Caregiver's you can obtain the Highest Quality Medicinal Marijuana Medication, specifically suited to your medicinal Condition, Budget and Personal Preference, for your complete and total satisfaction.  We will do everything we possibly can to meet or exceed your own special requirements and expectations, guaranteed!



As an Exclusive Member you will also receive our Comprehensive Learning Center and Orientation Program {LCOP} which will Educate and Inform you as to the MMMA Act, Law and Regulations to keep You, our valued and esteemed Member Safe, Legal, Wise, happy, Free and out of Jail. The LCOP Learning Center and Counselors will give you all the necessary information concerning the complexities of the Law and Law Enforcement with regard to your Constitutionally Protected Civil Rights issues and Obeying the Law. We will personally assist you and answer all your personal                                                                    questions and concerns.

                                                                          We are here for You!


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